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The Nashville Area Gamers Association is an open community of gamers who work to foster games in Nashville by connecting fellow gamers and providing support for gaming related events and activities. We aim to be a resource for existing gaming communities as well as foster new ones.

The Motto: "More opportunities for more games".

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Major Gaming Events in 2016

Tabletop Day - Saturday April 30th (The Library)

NashCon - Weekend of May 27th (Click for NAGA discount admission!)

Origins - June 15th - 19th (Columbus, Ohio)*

GenCon - August 4th-7th (Indianapolis, IN)*

Mind's Eye Society - Weekend of October 15th

GMX - First weekend in November

PhreakNIC - Weekend of November 4th

* National events listed for those who road trip; carpooling is common.

Here are some of the local Meetup groups:

  NAGA Meetup (Add your events!)  Board Game Lovers  Greater Nashville RPG & Board Gamers Group  Middle TN Tabletop Game Designers

Photos from the last year of conventions:

 Photos: Nashcon 2013  Photos: GMX 2013  Photos: TN Game Days 2014  Photos: MTAC 2014 Friday  Photos: MTAC 2014 Saturday

Event Calendar

This is a combined calendar of several different groups in Nashville. Add your game to this calendar by joining our Meetup Group. We're happy to list any active traditional game event in Greater Nashville.

40K Gaming

Friday, October 28th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Whether you're loyal to the Emperor, a traitor to the corpse god, or an alien race bent on domination, you can find an opponent today.

Strategy and Tabletop RPG Night

Friday, October 28th at 5:00pm Cheshire Hall

An evening spent on the more in depth games.  These can include tabletop roleplaying games, and strategy or long play board games (like Ogre, Duel of Ages, or Battlestar Galactica).  One-shots, campaigns, and long board games or card games are all welcome.  New players are always welcome and there are pretty much always a few seats free at a game.

Participants are encouraged to organize together in advance as groups for a particular game to better allocate tables.  While there are usually some gamers hanging out for a pick-up game, the idea of the evening is to organize for specific, longer games that aren't as feasible on the more casual Wednesday open gaming night.  Which isn't to say that it's a serious tone... we're a friendly group, and there's a bunch of laughter and cheering on most nights.

We encourage people to show up early, so games can get rolling earlier rather than later.  If you're planning a particular game, please note when it starts.  From Pathfinder to Fiasco, Arkham Horror to Railways of the World, you'll be able to find other people interested in playing just about anything under the sun.  Feel free to plan games in the comments section here.

Note: Doors open at 5pm with an eye toward play starting by 7pm. Like every other open event, this is participatory, so feel free to suggest and put forward ideas.  This is a Cheshire Hall event, part of NAGA, which includes many different gaming groups.

5e Nentir Vale ( not AL )

Friday, October 28th at 6:30pm The Game Keep

This will be an on going campaign. Please rsvp early and feel free to ask questions.

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The players are currently in a region known as Harkenwold, and are assisting a resistance against an oppressive leader who has recently taken control.

The heroes are level 2 currently. I will be tracking special items and reputation as the campaign progresses. This is meant to be a heroic adventure, where the players will be front and center for major events.

Thanks all,


Magic Tournament!

Friday, October 28th at 7:00pm Grand Adventures

Heroclix Tourney

Saturday, October 29th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Force of Will Constructed @2PM

Saturday, October 29th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

40K Gaming

Saturday, October 29th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Whether you're loyal to the Emperor, a traitor to the corpse god, or an alien race bent on domination, you can find an opponent today.

Conquest Constructed Event

Saturday, October 29th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Pathfinder Society at Game Keep

Saturday, October 29th at 12:00pm The Game Keep

The Pathfinder Society is a living campaign. On Golarion, the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the Pathfinder Society is an organization of explorers, vagabonds, sages, and treasure hunters determined to plumb the depths of the darkest tombs, and collect relics and lore from bygone ages. In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you play a member of the Pathfinder Society, seeking fortune and glory all over the face of Golarion. At the same time, your character works for one of eight factions, all with their own motivations and secret agendas. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is an evolution of the 3.5 rules set of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game. You can find a free download of the Guide to PFS play here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety/v5748btp... There will also be pregens on hand. Come join us! New players (and GMs!) welcome.

Halloween Game Night

Saturday, October 29th at 1:00pm Cheshire Hall

The evening will start with a combined game of Mage the Awakening, Vampire the Requiem, and Werewolf the Forsaken. A special confluence of our main live action roleplaying games, the night will be full of non-stop excitement. After this combination game winds down, we will to other roleplaying games such as Dudes of Legend.

New Players are welcome. No experience needed: we'll help you get started. We're a friendly and open group. Some level of costume is fairly common, but certainly not required. While the event begins at 1pm, the doors open at 12pm, and it is recommended you arrive early to prepare your character.

Dicemasters Tournament

Saturday, October 29th at 1:00pm Grand Adventures

Warhammer Fantasy

Sunday, October 30th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Force of Will Draft @1PM

Sunday, October 30th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Open Gaming come in and play some 40K Kill Team, Deadzone, or Malifaux

Monday, October 31st at 12:00am Grand Adventures

As any other day we have open gaming. Monday is the start of your week and maybe you can come in and play a small skirmish game like Deadzone, 40K Kill Team, or Malifaux!

Open Gaming come in and play some 40K Kill Team, Deadzone, or Malifaux

Monday, October 31st at 12:00am Grand Adventures

As any other day we have open gaming. Monday is the start of your week and maybe you can come in and play a small skirmish game like Deadzone, 40K Kill Team, or Malifaux!

Monday Board Games and Fun with Friends

Monday, October 31st at 6:00pm Frontline Games

Let's play games and have some fun.

Join us for board games and lots of fun with a great group of people. You do not have to know how to play the games as most can be learned first time you play. Join us for a fun night. Feel free to bring games or just join in on games being taught by others.

Where adults (18 years of age and older) can meet up to play board games and card games and make new friends. Bring games of your own to play with others or just come and learn new games. These games are easy to learn, so join in the fun!

This group tends to favor Euro style or worker placement style board games and other modern day favorites on http://boardgamegeek.com/browse/boardgame

An example of typical board games played at the meet up include: Dominant Species, Eclipse Ascension, Small World, Carcasonne, Dixit, Kingsburg, DC, Survive Escape from Atlantis, Power Grid, Lords of Waterdeep, Stone Age, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Thurn and Taxis, Citadels, Dominion, Pandemic, Caylus, Agricola, Ticket to Ride Europe, Risk Legacy, and Dice Town.

All of these games are a ton of fun, and we always have someone there who knows how to play them. We are always more than happy to teach games to people who are new. We would love for you to come out and give it a try.

Regular Open Events

Want your group listed here? We're going to be opening up this website for collaborative editing in May 2016, or you can contact Evan to get your group listed right now. You can also list events on the NAGACentral Meetup, or ask that your meetup be added to the calendar to the left.

Open Board Game and Card Game Nights

Every Wednesday Cheshire Hall hosts a Open Board Game Night, which can range from card games through all manner of board games, through to strategy wargames. There is often a pot luck dinner, and plenty of pick up games. Everybody is welcome to show up, meet other gamers and play from the extensive library of games our members have. Feel free to bring a game, or show up to look for new players. For more information, call Evan at (814) 889-8845, or Sarah at (814) 404-0008.

Another Wednesday group meets at Frontline Games in Clarksville on Wednesdays, and it's a great open group too!

See Wednesday Open Nights on Meetup »

RPG and Strategy Game Nights

Every Friday Cheshire Hall hosts a Open RPG and Strategy Game Night, which is honestly just the night for longer games -- including board games if you want. It's a little more organized, so you might want to declare a game you want to run and get some players. On the other hand, there are usually a few people who just show up that can form a table.

See Friday Open Nights on Meetup »

Nashville Unveiled

Do you like murder mystery parties or improv theater? Are you into urban and modern supernatural fantasy games? Then join the ongoing story that is Nashville Unveiled! This is a theatrical style LARP: no foam weapons, and more like a dinner party with character sheets. Well... and occasional bloodthirsty combat resolved through a variant of the classic RPG turns and dice. Alternates with Tabletop RPG Day on Saturdays.

Visit the Website »

GenCon Caravan

Every year we head up to the biggest four days in gaming: GenCon Indy. The 2016 Caravan is already shaping up for the largest gaming convention in the world.

Visit the Website »

What is NAGA

The Nashville Area Gamer Association is an open community of gamers who work to foster games in Nashville by connecting fellow gamers and providing support for gaming related events and activities. We aim to be a resource for existing gaming communities as well as foster new ones.

Our motto: "More opportunities for more games".


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October 25th, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th at 9:24pm

Chemists are Masters of the Elements.

Original Post from Michael Moceri:

Stars fuse elements until they end up with iron, which is a sort of death knell for them. Star poison, if you will. But iron is also poisonous to faeries. So faeries and stars must be the same thing, right?

October 21st, 2016

Friday, October 21st at 10:37pm

So, I walk through the library, and my lovely wife is running a Pugmire game using Red and Pleasant Land, roleplaying the Mome Rath as Donald Trump to four dogs and one cat character in Zak's twisted vision of Wonderland. Not only is she getting plot across to them by exclaiming that the low stamina Red Queen has blood coming out of her "wherever," she's mocking their club head speed as they roll poorly to hit. Unpack that bundle of strange and ye shall know my life.

Cry Havoc and Takenoko followed by Deduce or Die in the other room. A typical Friday night. Oh, and when I took this photo Sarah wanted it known that she was playing the Mome Rath as orange, not green.

October 18th, 2016

Tuesday, October 18th at 8:14am

I'm digging +Brett Slocum's updated The Petal Hack, which is (as the title suggests) a The Black Hack hack for Empire of the Petal Throne.

It gives just enough intro so any experienced GM could fake it, but I think it really shines as a rules light, low buy-in way for a GM who knows Tékumel to give a group of players a quick run through the world. The art is functional -- which is important for a setting that isn't populated with generally familiar species. The layout is typical to better than average for a free work done for the love of the game: topics and pages are logical. It's a fun little PDF.

October 10th, 2016

Monday, October 10th at 1:42pm

Steveo's giving away another print copy of his RPG again. Click through to the original post to ask for the free copy. This is a very tight, designed for one-shot FRPG that really is quite nice. It's not just another D&D clone with a change or two. And yes, it uses Generala (aka Yahtzee) as a die mechanic. It can go silly or straightforward serious, and there are adventures and pregen collections available.I flog it only because I like it. It's a great little game, different enough to "feel different" and in a classic fantasy setting that makes it easy to jump in for even casual roleplayers. Plus the book is well designed and entertainly quirky.

Original Post from Steve Keller (Robotkarateman):

Well, it's happened again - enough people have bought my stuff on DTRPG that I have enough royalties available to give away a print copy of GENERALA. Who would like a free copy of the game my grandmother called "Very nice, although I don't really know what it is"?

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September 9th, 2016

Friday, September 9th at 11:36am

It's a great short format podcast. Tell the story of that one character in that special game in your past that you now ramble on about at a diner after game.

Original Post from Tell Me About Your Character:

We're just a small handful of interviews away from completing Season 2 and with your help we can be done next week! Please reshare this post if you think anyone in your circles would be interested in taking 15 minutes to tell the world about their favorite RPG character.

Contact information is included below. Interested folks can also leave a comment on this post.

August 25th, 2016

Thursday, August 25th at 4:57pm

I am finally listening to SpellCheck, the new game design -- meaning actual book layout and things like spot gloss, not "inventing rules" -- podcast by +Alex Mayo. It's a good podcast in general, right in my personal wheelhouse. +Brennen Reece is the first guest, and it's a fun interview. Bringhurst and Tufte are namechecked within the first 15 minutes, which seems like it is a Thing that Should Be Done for a podcast on this topic.

Plus I can make the legitimate claim that I suggested the podcast's title to Alex. The most visible and nearly least significant part of any project!

Post listen: This first recording is a sprawling and general concepts presentation rather than a work-topic focused episode, but that worked well with Brennen as the initial guest, and Alex notes that future episodes will be more oriented toward practical concepts. The "uh-huhs" and other non-word "conversation acknowledgements" grated after a bit, but that may be nitpicking and my own ear that happened to pick up on them -- I am sensitive to background and side noise.


August 25th, 2016

Thursday, August 25th at 9:25am

After months of missing the start window, or completely being unable to play due to work, I finally had time and a group, and played +Modiphius's Thunderbirds. It's a fantastic collaborative game with excellent production values (I played the Kickstarter with expansions). It can not be stressed enough: if you like Pandemic, you should give this a chance at your table. The play is similar in overt ways, but it has a Firefly like set of varied missions, all presented in parallel, with some becoming increasingly urgent as game play progresses.

It does suffer from Pandemic's potential pitfall of "a single player playing all the moves" when only one person knows how to play, but I think it becomes far more of a collaborative game than Pandemic when the table all knows how to play. There's a less clear "best set of actions" due to multiple missions that need to be dealt with, plus a dice roll that is affected heavily by optional conditions. As a result, you can press your luck or play carefully and have far less chance as a factor. That variety in targets and winning tactics leads to more options when your turn comes up than Pandemic.

Practical Observations:

The map markers and first player tokens are fine, but experienced/dedicated gamers can ignore them. They are for people whose attention wavers through the play (which is nice).

The game as a whole is swingy, as you can deal out easy missions and schemes, or very hard missions and schemes. I like that, as it makes each game more unique... but makes a single play less representative of the difficulty level.

It is stupidly fun to load people and equipment into the holes and cargo areas of the various ships. Manufacturing at the cutthroat level of boardgames has finally made peg/holes that work.

True collaborative play this is: setting up other people to succeed and having them set you up seemed to works best. Disclaimer: it was a first time play, but with two experienced players and +Brennan W as another first time player. Player count and experience may change that view.

August 22nd, 2016

Monday, August 22nd at 8:38am

I use this in all my tabletop OSR games. It is perfect for what it does and tracks exactly what it needs to in a way that is intuitive to glance at and move game forward. I also have a 3x5 pad for encounters, a map, monster cards (I'll share those later), and a folder of random tables behind the screen.

Original Post from Richard LeBlanc:

Free PDF Download: Exploration Time Tracker for early edition games. Track torches, spells, etc. in 1 turn increments.

August 13th, 2016

Saturday, August 13th at 1:32pm

So the classic "play only from the D&D B/X books" game I started early last year has progressed well beyond the point of no return. We leveled past basic and brought in Labyrinth Lord VERY briefly, then went S&W. Now we're literally passing around a book of house rules that contains a ton of OSR classes from various sources. I'm about to house rule a custom spell book, because we have a player who just came in and he had a 5e character. I'm hitting AD&D for cantrips and dragging in some fun stuff. It's still planned on a 9th/10th Level retirement and adventure-as-henchmen; I have specific things in play that will let them build the resulting world through their actions.

Although we played the heck out of it, I only dimly recall the details of playing the LWBs back in the day. When I first started playing, it was a set that somebody's older brother who went to college left behind. Mostly it's remembering that you can't use a pencil to map when your graph paper is directly on a sidewalk. But I highly suspect that we made most of the game up. Even with Moldvay this was the case: he uses percentiles for falling and rolling a d20 under an ability score as examples of how to make rules up on the fly, not as actual rules.

Tim Kask said that he took the initial well intentioned steps that led to the death of this kind of play by being tasked with coming up with methods for tournament play. He's written that the RPGA needed fixed rules, and that process locked a method into rules. I tend to believe him: I've seen the Mind's Eye Society do the same with the similarly "here are guidelines and outlines, you fill in the rest as a group" that is the new World of Darkness (now the much improved and even more flexible Chronicles of Darkness). If you want to do organized play, you get benefits. And lose options. It's a tradeoff.

Linked is a older post about a game similar to ours that notes that same imprecision of the early rules. I think this strange place is in part where OSR derives its unwillingness to commit to "one true form" of game. Each table is an experiment in not only world building, but game design.

Oh, since this is not being posted to a community and has a wider reach than grognards: if you're at all interested in early TSR and ideas, Tim Kask is a fantastic primary resource. He's opinionated about how the business went, but he has clear and consistent presentation of the creative method and efforts in those early years. He's a great writer, interviewee, and speaker. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJzBdOx9SuY 

August 12th, 2016

Friday, August 12th at 2:46pm

Question to +Bruce Shark about being a possible Totem of Protection for fellow friend-to-sharks +Sarah Edwards while she is at work in another state for half the week (darn you academia!) Both Kentucky and Tennessee are land-locked, but I have faith in your ability to nom on anybody threatening her harm. After all, I heard you ran a land based candygram business for awhile in the 1970s.

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